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                                                                                               ​("Nostradamus" Dominic's 5-string Bass Explorer)

A friend and I met Mike at a guitar show. His beautiful guitars caught our eye, and when my friend played one, he was very impressed with the feel, the construction, and the great sound. I liked the look of his Explorer-style bodies, and I asked him if he would be able to build a custom 5-string bass with that body style.
When Mike presented me with the finished instrument, I was amazed. I love my custom 5-string bass, which I christened "Nostradamus". Not only does it look stunning, it also sounds amazing, and it is the most comfortable bass I have ever played. Mike has exceeded my expectations with the quality of this unique instrument. If I ever wanted another custom bass built for me, I would contact Mike in heartbeat. If I ever wanted to put this one down...

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