The X-Pro w/Floyd Prototype
(Slightly Used for video Demo)
Black Diamond USA
Fabricated and Built by Hand in the USA

*This guitar is the result of a design idea i had in my head so i built myself this prototype, it is completely hand crafted and has been played a little for a video demo so it might have a few blems or flaws etc. and being a Prototype some build details are still being adjusted and figured out However it plays Amazing!!!

The one knob on this prototype ended up closer to the top carve than i wanted but like i said it’s the first Prototype w/floyd), i know that’s not such a huge thing but i just always want to be upfront that all the quirks on prototypes may not be worked out yet, that’s why it’s referred to as a prototype.

The Floyd Rose tremolo is So rock solid that during testing even before i initially intonated it i COULD NOT get it to go out of tune no matter how much i crushed the floyd!

“It is the BEST floyd rose guitar i have EVER played!!!”

the neck has a nice profile, not a huge neck more like the C shaped Explorer necks, Super comfortable

Many hours were put into this build, it's unique body design
makes playing a pleasure, the sound is spot-on for just about everything.
The neckthrough design with it's unique step carved/routed top design makes it feel and look very different in a Great way.

Note- The back Tremolo cover is clear.
And the Floyd claw screws are NOT wood screws... i got tired of that being the norm, so i used threaded inserts instead so that they have permanent threads that make adjusting spring tension incredibly accurate and easy, no more wood screws.
Also i machined the upgraded solid brass genuine floyd rose trem block a few mils so it fits the depth correctly for this model and works much better.

Along with the two-way trussrod i built this neckthrough with quartersawn Black Limba and recessed and epoxied
2-carbon fiber rods into the neck on each side of the trussrod, this is how i build all my necks.

the Specs:
• BODY-Neckthrough Black Limba (Korina) w/White Limba wings
• NECK-(Neckthrough) Solid Black Limba (Korina) Hand Carved
• COLOR-Natural
• FINISH-Gloss
• SCALE-22 fret (25-1/2" scale)
• FRETS-Med/jumbo
• INLAYS-Hand Inlaid Crest at 12th fret
• HEADSTOCK-Black Limba (Korina) w/scarf joint for strength
• HEADSTOCK Rear-Hand Signed USA
• TRC-”Black Diamond”
• TUNERS-Hipshot open gear Locking Black
• NUT-Genuine Floyd Rose Locknut
• TRUSS ROD-Two-Way Adjustable w/Carbon Fiber rods inlaid
• BRIDGE-Genuine Floyd Rose Brass Tremolo Black
• CONTROLS-1-Vol (Bourns),1-Tone (Bourns) Orange Drop Cap
• 3-Way Toggle Switch (Switchcraft), input jack (Switchcraft)
• Weight 8.8

• Bridge: USA Black Diamond Hand Wound “EMA” Humbucker w/Black Limba Bobbins (no exposed poles)
• Neck: USA Black Diamond Hand Wound Unbalanced "Starbreaker”
Humbucker w/Black Limba Bobbins (no exposed poles)

* Includes Hardshell Case
signed COA for Authenticity and spec sheet
along with Schaller straplocks

Thank You
GOD Bless!


the "Jericho X-Pro w/Floyd*(Prototype)

Black Diamond


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