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  • Custom builds
  • In-stock Custom Built Black Diamond Guitars
  • Hand-wound Custom Pickups
  • Buiding your Dream Guitar
  • Unique Guitar Designs

We also offer Repair and Services

*(ALL Black Diamond Guitars and Pickups are built and fabricated by hand in the USA)

  • Full set-ups
  • Repairs (that nobody else seems to want to do)
  • Refinishing
  • Rebuilds
  • Neck straightening
  • Installation of hdwe, pickups, electronics etc.
  • Nut fabrication
  • Refrets
  • and more...

I started to take apart and rebuild guitars of my own and friends guitars years ago, I realized early on what I liked and what I did not, over the years I have built so many guitars trying to always put the BEST into them, from playability and looks to Great sound and Tone!

It took a lot of years and trial and error let aone countless hours of building, tweaking and experimentation BUT the result was worth it.

Today I offer the very Best guitars I have ever achieved building and they are now available to you. I always welcome Custom orders.

Unique Exclusiove designs are the most recent additions to the Black Diamond Custom Line of models that are available. Please do not hesitate to contact me with your questions or comments.

Thank You

GOD Bless!


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